Does SinusWars work?

Want an effective sinus treatment WITHOUT SCAMS, CONS or LIES? SinusWars products are some of the best complex remedies, for sinus and sinus related conditions, available today – BUT do they really work???

To know if SinusWars products work we first need to understand HOW SinusWars products work…

If you are ill, it means that certain systems in your body have been disrupted in some way or the other, therefore causing these systems to behave “abnormally” in an attempt at healing itself. In some cases due to poor dieting, environmental pollution, allergies, some medicines or a weakened immune system the body does not heal itself and so continues to behave abnormally.

SinusWars products are made from all homeopathic ingredients. To read more about homeopathy please click here or for the history of homeopathy please click here.

Homeopathy is used to treat the underlying causes of a condition, correct the abnormalities and bring the body back to its original state. No magic or hocus pocus involved. SinusWars uses ingredients that have been rigorously tested – meaning there are clinical tests which prove that these ingredients do in-fact work.

In the case of a sinus infection, once the body detects a disruption (like bacteria) in the sinuses it starts behaving “abnormally” by producing lots of mucus to flush the bacteria or irritant out. This in turn results in pressure, congestion, a runny nose, pain and stuffiness. If not treated, other systems in the body also become disrupted through the development of post nasal drip, nasal polyps, headaches or ear infections. There are a range of SinusWars products to treat and target each of these conditions specifically.

Let’s take an example:

If one has a sinus problem – SinusWars remedies will stop the body from producing lots of mucus, unblock any trapped mucus in the sinuses, reduce inflammation and treat any infections that may be present. By treating the cause rather than just relieving the pain or drying up the mucus, SinusWars remedies offer long term relief and a more reliable solution.

SinusWars remedies have no impact on your immune system and in-fact makes your immune system stronger. These products target the underlying causes of a condition and don’t just cover up the symptoms like most over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. OTC medicines might promise instant relief but SinusWars remedies work deep from the inside out, which might result in it taking a few days longer before you see results. There is no “quick fix product” that will get rid of nasal polyps, allergies, a persistent blocked nose, post nasal drip or chronic sinusitis. Products that offer instant solutions for these conditions only provide temporary relief. You have probably had this condition for weeks, months or even years and so should allow your body (with the help of SinusWars remedies) some time to treat the causes, correct the abnormality and heal completely.

Each ingredient used to make up the SinusWars remedies have been stringently tested and only FDA recognized ingredients (found in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the official National Formulary (NF) and in other additions to this) are all approved and used in SinusWars products.

The SinusWars LLC Company truly believes in helping all sinus sufferers, in fighting the war against sinusitis and restoring one back to health safely and naturally!

So… Does SinusWars work?

Absolutely – Yes! As proven by you! Click here to view your testimonials. We have been fighting sinus problems for years!

Sometimes, however, we do loose some battles along the way – which then leads to the question….

Why doesn’t SinusWars work for me?

If you are taking SinusWars remedies and they are not working for you – there are several factors to consider.

There are four things you should look at:

  1. You might not be taking the correct product – if you suspect that this is the case, give us a call or email us with all your current symptoms, the products you been taking and how long you been taking them and we will evaluate your condition.
  2. If you are taking the correct product, you might not be taking the product consistently and the healing process has been disrupted. Take the remedies everyday without missing a dose.
  3. If you have been taking the product consistently, your body might just need more time to correct itself (this is especially true for chronic conditions, if you have had sinus problems for years  a few weeks of therapy might not be enough)

Physically, emotionally and psychologically we are all different and unique, it is no wonder that our immune systems are different and unique as well. The way you respond to any treatment whether it is prescribed antibiotics, a nasal spray bought at the drug store or SinusWars products bought over the internet… we all respond to these treatments differently. One nasal spray or antibiotic will not work for every human being.

Find what works for you!

Don’t give up!

Don’t settle for less!

You don’t have to use medicines with unwanted side effects or which have addictive properties. Why use treatments that may cause more harm to your nose and your immune system, when there are effective natural alternatives, like SinusWars, that have been used for centuries to work with your immune system instead of against or separate from it.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave us a message below. We would love to hear from you…

Have a sinus free day,

28 Responses to Does SinusWars work?

  1. Kathy Belew says:

    My daughter has polyps in her sinuses. I hear people talking about nasal polyps. Will sinuswar products help with sinus polyps also!

  2. Gilbert Milallos says:

    Is this available now in the Philippines?

  3. Zulaiha says:

    Hello, I have a large polyp for many years. I ‘ve gone tru 3 surgeries but keep on coming back. My symptoms are loss of smell, sneezing and terrable itching in the nose, eyes, ears and my throat. l have pressure on my teeth and forehead. I have a blurred vision. I have bought sinuswars 1, 13 and 30. I hope it’s the combination that I need and I hope it will work for me.

    • sinuswars says:

      Hi Zulaiha,
      Please take SinsuWars30 first, then wait 15 -20 minutes before taking SinusWars13 and then wait an additional 15-20 minutes before taking SinsuWars1

  4. Carol says:

    What is in it don’t like the idea of taking unknown ingredients

  5. Bakang Kgote says:

    Can you please send me the quotation of sinus war8 please,so i may try them as am tired of my situation.

  6. Margaret says:

    Been taking sinuswars30 for 6 weeks with no sign of taste or smell returning anything I can do?

    • sinuswars says:

      Dear Margaret,

      Can you please email me ( a full list of your symptoms as I can then request the in house homeopath do a follow up on this as to why you have not begun to experience results.

  7. Marquita comage says:

    Yes I just sent message on and forgot to ask something. I’m taking #30 and #13.. After the pill dissolves in my mouth is it OK to drink or eat soon after. How long should I wait? And is 30 min the correct spaced time to take second pill.

  8. Dorie says:

    I have chronic post nasal drip for over 4 years. I have frequent inflamation of the mucus going down my throat, with subsequent tickling and constant spitting white mucus especially in the morning upon waking, stress, sneezing, and brisk walk. My nose is not blocked, I have no pressure, or pain, just a lot of discomfort and embarassment.
    I was taking Sinuswars 2, and it helped a little, but did not eliminate my problem. In addition, I started having some vertigo when getting up from the bed or turning in the bed at night.

    I have the vertigo for about 6 months thats why I stopped taking Sinuswars2.

    • sinuswars says:

      Dear Dorie,

      Thank you for keeping us posted on your progress.

      With regards to your condition, have you ever been tested for or diagnosed with allergies?

      Please do let me know.

  9. Karen Chapman says:

    I have nasal polyps.I have had no smell or taste for 10 years. I have been taking sinus wars 13 and 30 for the past two months. Unfortunately they have not worked. What do you recommend?

  10. jean says:

    my son has suffered post nasal drip for over three years now and he is five can i get sinuswar in kenya?please explain the procedure of ordering online

  11. Carl Dismore says:

    I’ve been taking sinuswars no13 for a large polyp.several there something. Better? Still have the polyp.

  12. J.L. says:

    Can Sinuswars2 be used long term?

  13. Hope says:

    Hi, I’ve been suffering from Chronic Sinuses for about 8 months now. I had to stop going to work & school as of now I am doing nothing with my life staying home doing nothing. I’ve been taking Sinuswars 8 for about a month now. The only change I see is I have more energy but I still have a lot of pressure in my sinus cavities causing me to feel dizzy at times. I also Would like to point out that I have been taking vitamin C and probiotcs to help boost my immune system since I took a lot of antibiotics in the summer did not help. Also, I have an autoimmune disease a long with a ton of food allergies discovered this summer as well. I’ve been on a strict diet and no longer have chronic headaches, but all my other symptoms are still there. Monday I am going to see my homeopathic doctor to try something different. I have tried IV vitamin C treatment a few times. The only thing that helps with my overall health is oral anti-inflammatory steroids. But As soon as I’m off them I’m back being a zombie. Taking too much of steroids will make my immune system even worse. I had tried exercising with this chronic sinus issues, but things only get worse. Any Ideas?

    • sinuswars says:

      Hi Hope,

      It seems as if your condition is compounded with multiple other conditions making it difficult for your body to treat one fully. In order for our bodies to function properly, they need all the systems to work efficiently. If the body systems are not working properly, we experience a lot of problems.

      With regards to your symptoms, I would recommend looking at adding a combination remedy such as the SinusWars70 and SinusWars10 to the current SinusWars8 you are taking. The combination of these three remedies should help get healing back on track for you thereby helping alleviate the symptoms you mentioned earlier.

  14. rachel says:

    I am interested in trying this but I would like to knw do u sell this product in store like walmart riteaid GNC? I was reading about sinuswars 8 I think tht is wht id prob need.

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