Put that Sandpaper to Rest!

A Sore Scratchy ThroatEver felt as if Tiny Carpenters have been working diligently at the back of your throat with Sandpaper; and every swallow being made with utter dread?

I know of one thing I will always receive at least once a year without fail… (Besides my impending birthday and being yet another year older and no wiser of course)… Without fail I am destined to get at least one sore throat yearly.… What surprizes me the most is that it always seems to start off so innocently, almost as if the dull yet subtle ache in my throat is a figment of my ever-wandering imagination. The feeling in my throat is often so faint that at times I honestly question my sanity and have, more often than not completely ignored my inner warnings. Big Oops; and that I find out the next day as the dull subtle ache is usually grossly surpassed by the worse feeling ever…

Pharyngitis is in essence a sore throat due to inflammation of the pharynx. The pharynx is basically the back of the throat and has the tonsils and voice box situated in close proximity. It’s crazy to think… all this pain for a bit of inflammation or swelling but that’s basically it. Germs and bacteria commonly enter the airways via the nasal passages or mouth (due to mouth breathing) and cause an irritation to the linings at the back of the throat. This irritation leads to inflammation and at times a throat infection.

Besides the immense pain upon swallowing, other symptoms which generally accompany a sore throat include a fever (when an infection is present), joint and muscle aches and pains, pains in the forehead and headaches as well as swollen lymph nodes situated on either side of the neck.

When it comes to treatments there are an abundance of these on the market from throat lozenges to over the counter syrups and tablet medications. One important factor to keep in mind when treating a sore and infected throat with antibiotics is that if the throat infection is due to a virus, the antibiotic will have no effect on helping soothe and treat the sore throat as these types of medications are indicated for bacterial and not viral infections. The second important factor is to identify if any other accompanying symptoms are piggy-backing on the sore throat. These can include post nasal drip, nasal congestion, rhinitis or a runny nose and in times of an infection, colored mucus; the more radio-active in color your mucus is, the more severe the infection.

In a never ending bid to “put the Sandpaper to Rest”, I even “put out my feelers” so to say into the more holistic and natural sore throat treatments currently available and have to admit there are millions of treatments out there, most catering for either a sore throat singularly or for a sore throat with accompanying symptoms (more of a complex product). More often than not the complex products targeted a cold and flu together with a menagerie of cold or flu symptoms and as tempting as these sounded, I just didn’t have a cold or flu on its way…. Just a sore throat!

One interesting find was a natural remedy called OriThroat and Tonsil care. A recently launched product which according to its indications target the health and therefore ailments affecting the throat… These include a sore throat, swelling and inflammation of the throat tissues as well as helps aid swollen lymph nodes; all this while stimulating the immune response…  It all does sound like a very unique approach to dealing with sore throats and I must say the tiny throat-carpenters may need to put away their sandpaper with the OriThroat and Tonsil Care Remedy currently available…

SinusWars with all its current sinus products have gladly added this product to its arsenal of remedies!
Click here for more information on the OriThroat and Tonsil Care Remedy!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to include them below.

Heres to a sandpaper free throat!


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