SinusWars13 a Revolutionary Products that goes to the ROOT cause of Nasal Polyps

Natural Nasal Polyp Treatment

Nasal Polyp removal is becoming a common practice at most ENT’s as steroidal treatments are no longer working. SinusWars has worked extremely hard during the last 10 years to perfect a remedy that target all known aspects of nasal polyps. By working in 3 layers SinusWars13 targets that hard to reach places and assist your body in removing the unwanted growths.

These growths (nasal polyps) often cause congestion, discomfort and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Various homeopathic remedies are on the market but only treat one possible cause and not the underlining factors causing the Polyp. SinusWars looks at the whole pictures and is jam packed with only the finest ingredients targeting each and every aspect ensuring your polyps shrink and don’t bother you again.

The Sinuswars13 Remedy assists in the following ways:

  • Treating nasal polyps
  • Reduction of current nasal polyps
  • Prevents the recurrence of polyps post-surgery
  • Reduces nasal bleeds associated with nasal polyps
  • Decreases the size of current nasal polyps
  • Reduces swelling and thickening of mucous membrane linings
  • Alleviates pain caused by nasal polyps
  • Stops mouth breathing and assists in treating snoring caused by nasal polyps

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2 Responses to SinusWars13 a Revolutionary Products that goes to the ROOT cause of Nasal Polyps

  1. Niaz says:

    Hi, i have done polyps removal 2 times and for the 3rd its grown back. Taking singulair for last 2 wks didn’t see much improvement but the side effects of heartburn is very uncomfortable. Took the steroid relief for few wks with constipation and gastrics. Now the doctor says i have to remove the bone…
    I have taken sinuswar before 13+3 or 7 even after surgery….but with high dose drugs i didnt see the effect of sinuswar 13 and others..
    Can you kindly recommend what shud i go for this recurring growth.

    Thanks, Niaz from Dubai.

    • sinuswars says:

      Dear Niaz,

      I have confirmed with the in house homeopath who recommends you take another course of the SinusWars13 and SinusWars7 and also add on the SinusWars5.

      Please increase the dosage of all of these remedies to two tablets taken daily for the first week and thereafter go back down to the original recommended dosage or one tablet taken twice daily.

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